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Another part done for the series. Same size as the labyrinths, made with enamel paint, permanent marker, oil + dammar. Caption for the image (from the internet): “Cleveland Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Center is a prevention center, not a detention center”. A puzzling piece of information when connected to a picture of a detention […]


So, about the 3 paintings: They are painted on second hand mdf-board with Clash and Montana brand graffiti spray paints, chrome & colours, using masking tape for stenciling. Size of the paintings is comfortable, portable and sellable, roughly 80 cm by 60 cm, something that “fits your wallet”  or on the wall above the sofa […]


Hi. (I wonder if there’s anyone out there still..) Here’s a couple of paintings to get me started with the hands-on work with the labyrinths. To talk about power, I find there are two tools/mediums above the rest. A camera and a spraycan. This far (and probably ’til the end of the project) I’ve stuck […]

To accept that art works and not only the system of institutions that support and decide about art works are discourses as well, might be difficult. Art works seem to be rather powerless objects, that, however, can represent also artists, not only  the messages or aesthetic experiences we get from them. Some art works make […]

Minna’s work


Hi everybody, and my apologizes being so late with my introduction. Too much work to do, always. My name is Minna and I live at Jyväskylä in central Finland. I’m a visual artist, but in recent years I have been working as an art teacher, more and more. Currently I study art education in the […]