(I wonder if there’s anyone out there still..)

Here’s a couple of paintings to get me started with the hands-on work with the labyrinths.

To talk about power, I find there are two tools/mediums above the rest. A camera and a spraycan. This far (and probably ’til the end of the project) I’ve stuck to the latter.

These three paintings are kind of “padding” works, which will be juxtaposed with another three paintings (that are figurative & based on media images). I’m hoping to be able to post the other 3 in a week or so.

More about the idea later…


2 Responses to “”

  1. Of course, we are here, always….

  2. Juho, your work looks great! This is my shorthand way of saying something only based on my looking at the pictures. It´s actually rather difficult to talk about visual form, as such. But if I am allowed to deviate into, say, facts of media, materials, techniques, or into what these works mean to me, then, things get easier. I will edit this comment very soon,to be continued…

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