So, about the 3 paintings:

They are painted on second hand mdf-board with Clash and Montana brand graffiti spray paints, chrome & colours, using masking tape for stenciling. Size of the paintings is comfortable, portable and sellable, roughly 80 cm by 60 cm, something that “fits your wallet”  or on the wall above the sofa in your living room. The design could be seen as a continuation of the Finnish 70’s and 80’s constructivism, a modernistic and apolitical painting genre I find extremely hard to connect with anything in the real life. Still, I find some motifs from/references to the more-or-less-real world in my paintings, such as a tree, or just associations with pixel images, computer games, tabletop game boards, lines and rows of windows in the facades of blocks of flats, maps, oriental decorative motifs, etc.

The paintings depict Eco’s three different kinds of labyrinths, (greek, mannerist, rhyzome). I didn’t relly have a clear idea of what the paintings will turn out to be when I started. I was thinking of imposing some real world imagery on these abstractions, either media images or documentary (“objective”, mind the quotes!) or some other kind of visualisations of my lived experiences. After a couple of rounds of tedious taping and extatic spraying I was content with the (somewhat coarse) graphical finish, as well as the feeling of the material: layered spraypaint carrying the meaning of both industrial and individual, mass produced and underground. So I didn’t want to confuse the visual strength with figurative motifs. And simply there just wasn’t space for anything like that.

As I told, the works themselves are almost suitable to be used as bourgeoisie interior decoration elements, so I felt like continuing the series with another three paintings of the same format, which in turn would be figurative, presenting spaces and situations that I find somewhat labyrinthine (for example a juvenile detention center’s jail cell, not complex in physical form, but on the level of values, social reality, power and so on).

Now it’s too early to talk about the effects of combining the graphical labyrinths with the other images (which are two photographs and an architectural concept rendering), so until the next time..


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