final or not final comment?


Hi, all, thank you for your participation in the Signs of Power blog, sofar. I am not quite sure, if we should finish this in orderly fashion, as the school year at least in Finland is approaching its semester end, and some of us are getting out in the fresh air, green pastures and sunshine. Even a relatively short lived activity like ours, with a number of posts, comments together with trial conferences over the net between two student groups and teachers, has its impact, I am sure. For some, there might be a follow-up brewing in the brain. I have appreciated very much this opportunity to see the ideas and proposals of all of you. I have appreciated as well the possibility of commenting your work, however shortly. This is an abridged version of a cooperation between schools we never really bothered to learn more about. But who knows, maybe ideas will evolve, that bring us together in another setup for pedagogical discussion, interaction, art exchange, seminars.. I am all for the option of future talks, given the possibilities to that occasion by the two Universities in Helsinki and Oslo. Thank you and take care! Jan Kenneth Weckman


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