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Minna’s work


Hi everybody, and my apologizes being so late with my introduction. Too much work to do, always. My name is Minna and I live at Jyväskylä in central Finland. I’m a visual artist, but in recent years I have been working as an art teacher, more and more. Currently I study art education in the […]

In my own artistic work the theme is related to the following questions: Who has power? Who has the ultimate power? Some believe that the power has to be taken and others believe that it is given. In fact, I defend the latter opinion. But, having been given the power, it requires responsibility, a wise […]

Hi. My name is Juho Hellsten. I’m a 5th year student of art education in the University of Arts and Design, Helsinki. Naturally, as an art educator, my areas of interest are diverse, and instead of listing all the stuff I find interesting it would be easier to just list the things that don’t make […]

Hello! I´m Alli, photographer, teacher and student from Helsinki. I´m working in Helsinki City College of Technology where I´m teaching photography in Study Programme in Audiovisual Communication (website in Finnish: In addition of work I also study art education in UIAH. My main interests in art scene: – photography and media – environmental art […]

eija´s signs


I am Eija Nevala, textile designer (MA), teacher and a mother of two children. I work as a teacher in the Lybecker Institute of Arts and Design; I teach subjects related to textile design, art history and cultural history. On my other job as a textile designer I work with printed fabrics. *** My interests […]