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Hi! I’m Per(1984) from Oslo. I was a graphic/web designer geek, gone musician and then gone back to visual art again. These days I like to do a little bit of everything =) I’ve done an animation project called ‘Väärin vei’. You can check out the film here: The film is a sequel to […]

Idas opera


My project has been to make an opera. I wrote a opera about some of the problems one can experience while using the Norwegian railway system. I recorded the opera in a mini-studio, where I sang the opera myself and played a keyboard in several layers to make it sound like a symphony. The past […]

Short explanation of my project: The light = truth, knowledge, life etc. “Let there be light” Right now I am working on visualizing my idea  through a lamp (because this light is created by man): 1) First I took a photo of a lamp 2) Then I framed the photo, placed the same lamp in […]

(See update below the initial “personal ad”) 1) Presentation Mats Bjerke (b. 1986) Studied one year of psychology and is in my second year of art- (and design) studies now. I am also taking some english subjects at the university on the side, but the art studies are happily prioritized. I work at a mental institution, […]