How to

Writing and editing Posts (you need login name and password to do this)

Currently, you are permitted to upload the following file types to your blog. Notice! Before you upload images to Signs of Power blog reduce the image size. Max size 1024 x 1024,  72 dpi. Thank you.

Images .jpg .jpeg .png .gif

.pdf (Portable Document Format; Adobe Acrobat)
.doc (Microsoft Word Document)
.ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation)
.odt (OpenDocument Text Document)

Link Youtube video to your post


20 Responses to “How to”

  1. 1 matsoslo

    Hello, I’m in Ian’s class.

    If this blog-thing is open for posts then i believe something is not working, or do you need to approve my email for me to be able to make a post/entry?

  2. 3 oslomats

    thanks, i’m sort of in now, but I/one cannot include images in a post (which is somewhat essential here), I’ll wait for that function before I post, (sorry about nagging).

    • 4 esasalmio

      your role is now Author. Try again. If you still have troubles let me know

  3. 5 snorrekim

    Ok I’m in Ians class and I just got an invitation. But I don’t seem to have any privileges. Does everyone nned to be gven the role of author manually?

    • 6 esasalmio

      Now you have posting privileges. Maybe I just forgot to check one box when I invited you.

  4. 7 snorrekim

    Looks like everything is sorted out, it might have been a problem because I made the account not following the invitation.

  5. 8 kajsabalto

    Hello, I am also in Ian´s class. Just like Snorre, I have now created an account not following the invitation (didnt receive any email, it probably got deleted as junk mail by mistake). So.. How do I get the posting priviliges? -Kajsa

    • 9 esasalmio

      Now you should be able to login. And priviliges should be ok.

  6. 10 marensofie

    I am also in Ian’s class and has also made the wordpress account not following the instructions. The email was probably lost in a moment of deleting-mania …sorry..
    I hope it’s not to much bother to get the posting privileges on the blog..!


    • 11 esasalmio

      Hi Maren
      now you should have access to blog (use your wordpress account you created).

  7. 12 allikone

    Esa, problems with uploading images..

    I have found the instructions how to upload the images ( ), but I can´t find the “Add media -add and image” -buttons, there´s an empty space in my browser (Firefox) in the place the buttons should be.


    • 13 esasalmio

      Hi Alli
      Now it should work. I changed your role in blog. Remember to add “Helsinki student” category to your post (checkbox in posting area).

  8. 14 ingvildi

    Helo I’m Ingvild in Ians class, please give me authorship and things so that I can make a post with pictures (and sound?)…

    Thank you

  9. 16 itzitxarte

    Hi! I´m Itziar, also in Ian´s class. could you please give me posting privilege? Thanks 🙂

  10. 18 idarydeng

    I’m also in Ian’s class and suspect that I have deleted my invite, thinking it was junk mail, so could I also get authorship with the necessary posting privileges?


  11. 19 perbyhring


    another vote for posting/authorship privileges here =)
    I’m an oslo student as well.


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